Santosha Online Yoga With Dorothy Price

Yoga for all ages, interests, and abilities!

A complete and ever-growing set of yoga videos for all levels of yoga practice.

These classes are taught in such a way that you will be able to find a way to do them that feels good in YOUR body! Including asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation, to practice in the comfort of your own home. Dorothy brings years of teaching experience to share with you. On our Members Only Private Facebook Page enjoy our Facebook LIVE classes and weekly check-ins with Dorothy.

Hi, I'm Dorothy.

I have wanted to teach online for a long time!

Since 2002, I have been teaching community classes and retreats worldwide. Whenever my students leave my retreats they ask me to create online classes so they can continue to practice with me at home. I have a great deal of teaching experience adding up to thousands of hours! Yes! And over 100 retreats! As you can tell, I love teaching!

What is important to me as a teacher is that all my students find a way to do a yoga practice they love to do. No matter age or abilities. I always teach to "All Levels" groups because I have developed a way of weaving lot's of alignment clues and modifications into my teaching style to make everyone feel confident about how they will move through class. I have loved doing my yoga practice for 40+ years!

Let me help you develop a home practice that you will continue to do... and love!

"You are a gifted and generous teacher, Dorothy.

The best teacher I ever had. Your obvious love for, and belief in, the practice of yoga spills out onto your students in a gentle and infectious way. I have been at a cross-roads professionally, and the opportunity to slow down, turn in, and open up in your classes helped me find my way."

- A Kennedy

Sample Class

My students tell me my classes are super enjoyable and accessible to all. How? By weaving alignment cues and modification options all the way through class yet still keeping a sense of flow. This way they know they are doing the poses correctly and safely.

Please give my Sample Class a try and see if we are a good match! This is a full, well rounded 40 minute class.