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80 Video Classes are already uploaded. Every month new videos including asana, pranyama and meditation will be added. Enjoy weekly Live Classes through our Members Only Private Facebook Page.

Video Classes

Each "All Levels" class video is created to give you a well balanced mix of poses giving you a full body experience. The classes are taught in such a way that you will be able to find a way to do each of the poses in a way that feels good to YOUR body.


...your yoga journey or whether you are more experienced in your practice you will feel these classes are made just for you! Why? Because of Dorothy’s ability to weave alignment clues and modification options into the class without loosing the flow of the class.

It is difficult getting a home yoga practice established on your own.

You may wonder; "What poses shall I do? In what sequence? How long do I hold them? How do I create a practice that is well rounded and balanced and will positively effect my whole body?"

It is essential to have a yoga teacher to guide you through a home practice. Let Dorothy help you get “on the mat” everyday and maintain a home practice that you love.

Myth: Yoga is just for flexible people.

Yoga is for all ages and abilities. All shapes and sizes. Many people worry that they are too inflexible to do yoga. You just need to find the right teacher to help you find your way. I invite you to try my Sample Class to see if we are a good match.

If you feel self-conscious about lack of flexibility, lack of experience or weight issues you will benefit from being able to do your practice in the privacy of your own home. Those who participate will find a new level of love, honour and acceptance for themselves and their bodies.

What If...


Scroll down to try my sample class and see if we are a good match. This is a full, well rounded 40 minute class.


I have included a variety of class lengths, so you can choose the right ones for the time you have available. Plus, lots of encouragement from me. Think of me as your yoga buddy.


Yoga has SO many benefits! Not just physical. You will notice a calmer, clearer and more organized you. Do the practice….you will see!

Hi, I'm Dorothy.

I have wanted to start an online yoga school for a long time!

Since 2002, I have been teaching community classes and retreats worldwide. Whenever my students leave my retreats they ask me to create online classes so they can continue to practice with me at home. I have a great deal of teaching experience adding up to thousands of hours! Yes! And over 100 retreats! As you can tell, I love teaching!

What is important to me as a teacher is that all my students find a way to do a yoga practice they love to do. No matter age or abilities. I always teach to "All Levels" groups because I have developed a way of weaving lot's of alignment clues and modifications into my teaching style to make everyone feel confident about how they will move through class. I have loved doing my yoga practice for 40+ years!

Let me help you develop a home practice that you will continue to do... and love!

CLASSES: Here's What You'll Learn When You Enroll.

Strength, Core and More!

Contains 14 lessons

In this section...

The Strength, Core and More! classes (15 – 20 mins) work on upper body strengthening, deep core work (including pelvic floor training), shoulder warm-ups, a gentle back-bend and a balance to set you up for the day. These classes always include training and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. These classes are a great way to start the day, or you could do them later in the day when you want an energetic pick-me-up.

Slow Flow

Contains 14 lessons

In this section...

The Slow Flow classes (40 – 50 mins) include mostly standing postures strung together in a flow that is slowed down. Slowing down can make us work harder because we experience each pose fully. With each class there is a focus, for example Warrior III. We will do Warrior III and many poses to prepare us for Warrior III, but the whole class is not all about Warrior III! We will do many different poses giving us a well rounded practice.

Stretchy, Twisty, Back-Bendy Classes

Contains 14 lessons

In this section...

The Stretchy, Twisty, Back-Bendy classes (40 – 50 mins) is where you will find those wonderful hip-openers, deep stretches for the legs, back-bends and those amazing twists that calm our whole nervous system! Many of us have tight legs, even tighter hips and inflexible backs. These classes will focus on all of that!

Combo classes

Contains 13 lessons

In this section...

Combo Classes (50-60 mins) combine the elements of the Strength, Core and More, Slow Flow and Stretchy, Twisty, Back-bendy Classes. the elements of the Strength, Core and More, Slow Flow and Stretchy, Twisty, Back-bendy Classes. More to come!

Relaxing but Stretchy classes

Contains 9 lessons

In this section...

Relaxing but Stretchy Classes (15 - 20 mins) give you exactly that! A relaxing class where we will use the time to get into some deep stretches.


Contains 20 lessons

In this section...

Shorties! (5-10 mins). Short classes for when you have just a few minutes to squeeze a mini-class in to your day.


In this section...

LIVE CLASSES are recorded and stored here for you to watch at your convenience.

Posture Fix

Contains 3 lessons

In this section...

Correct posture is vital to vibrant health. Check-in with Dorothy's videos and see how you are doing.

Pranayama and Meditation

Contains 10 lessons

In this section...

The Pranayama and Meditation videos include short instructional videos taught at a Beginner Level, as well as videos where we will sit together in varying lengths of practice with minimal instruction from me. More to come!

Prayers and the Invocation

Contains 3 lessons

In this section...

Learn to sing beautiful, ancient prayers and the Invocation. More to come!

Weekly Check-in with Dorothy

In this section...

A place to interact with Dorothy with weekly posts and a comment section.

Plus Weekly live Zoom Classes with Dorothy

Sample Class

My students tell me I make my classes super enjoyable and accessible to all. How? By weaving alignment cues and modification options all the way through class yet still keeping a sense of flow. This way they know they are doing the poses correctly and safely.

Please give my Sample Class a try and see if we are a good match! This is a full, well rounded 40 minute class.



"Your instructions to assume and maintain the correct posture were excellent. You chose just the right phrase or analogy to get me into the correct position.

Although, the yoga was gentle, I felt it was very effective and I always felt that I worked hard at the end, but treated my body with respect. I appreciate that you modified the poses for all levels of ability and made it OK to get into an easier posture, before attempting the advanced."

L. Canon

"Dorothy, you are one of the most gentle souls I have met and I thoroughly appreciate your approach, your concise instruction, your practical analogies for postures and breathing and that you take every effort to make it a worthwhile experience for people with various levels of yoga experience."

C. McCarthy

"You are a gifted and generous teacher, Dorothy. The very best teacher I have ever had. Your obvious love for, and belief in, the practice of yoga spills out onto your students in a gentle and infectious way. I have been at a cross-roads professionally, and the opportunity to slow down, turn in, and open up in your classes helped me find my way."

A. Kennedy

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